The Science of Earthquake and Volcano Forecasting

Have you ever wondered if earthquakes and volcanic eruptions are random events or if there is some mechanism by which they occur?

There is a mechanism. Even better, the mechanism is largely recurrent, so allowing forecasting. Furthermore, it not only drives tectonic events but also weather and climate change.

The mechanism has been known for a long time, thousands of years in fact. Observers, ancient and modern, look up at the sky and soon realise that the largest visible objects, the Sun and the Moon, have a regular effect on Earth; it's weather, it's climate, it's volcanoes, and it's inhabitants.

Maybe you are already guessing the lunar driving forces, it isn't difficult. The Moon's gravitational pull on Earth is huge and periodic, distorting the land, moving the oceans, and altering the atmospheric depth.

The Sun on the other hand affects Earth another way. Periodically, the Sun's giant magnetic field reaches across space, linking with the magnetic field of Earth... and a vast energy pours in.

Our Solar-Lunar Underground Technique combines these factors into viable tectonic forecasts.

Credit for this technique goes to our mentor who has taken the ancient observational science of meteorology to a modern level. More about him later.

With the help of this video you can visualise the Sun's magnetic energy as it interacts with Earth.

Happy sky gazing.


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