Forecast for 9 February 2015

Driving conditions have picked up again overnight. There has been a Mag 5.4 north of East Cape. Watch out for more action today around East Cape, Gisborne. This Service apologises for the streaky forecasting the last few days. It seems we're running one step behind the action when we should be one step ahead. Forecasts are hittting the gaps between quakes. Thanks. Summary. 9 Feb. South of Kermadecs 4.9 USGS, Wilberforce 3.8. 11 Feb. South of Kermadecs 4.4, Kermadecs 4.6. 12 Feb. Chile 6.7. 13 Feb. Atlantic Ridge 6.8, Taiwan 6.2 This forecast was made after the 4.9 Kermadecs quake and sure enough, nothing more happened (Murphy"s Law). The 1-5 Feb forecast extended past 5 Feb as stated in that forecast but the 7 Feb and 9 Feb forecasts got all around but not on the action. More info on Roary Arbon/Facebook. New friends welcome.

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