Pacific Summary. 11 January 2016 - 14 January 2016

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11 January. (from Facebook/Roary Arbon)
Twin quakes in Japan and south of Philippines today has marked a new quake period.
This Service has got behind the action for this period....we've been very busy last few days and unable to give much observation time.
New Zealand is still in the zone next couple of days, particularly Lower North Island, Cook Strait, Upper South Island.
A detailed forecast will be posted tonight for the remainder of the period.

11 January. Rotorua 4.6
12 January. Molucca Sea 6.5, Japan 6.2
13 January. Afghanistan 5.7, Tonga 5.8, Indian Ocean 5.9
14 January. Bolivia 6.1, Japan 6.7, Macquarie Island 5.4
No Pacific forecast was posted for this active period.
This Service blames it on the day job.
Eruptions of Sinabung (Sumatra), Ubinas (Peru), and a warning for Egon (Flores) during the period. Indonesia is hot.

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