Aotearoa Summary. 22 January 2016 - 24 January 2016

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Quake activity may increase.
Magnitude 4+ risk areas are East Cape, Bay of Plenty, Rotorua, Tokoroa, Gisborne, Wairoa, Southern Wairarapa, Eastern Cook Strait, Central Taranaki Bight, Nelson, Murchison, St Arnaud, Kaikoura, South Awatere Valley, Hunter Valley, Fiordland, South of Fiordland.
Volcanoes quiet.

Update. 23 January.
The forecast period is extended to 23-24 January.
Quake driving conditions have been moderate but no quakes above Mag 4 during the period.

25 January. Opotiki 3.4, 3.5
Major global quakes and weather during the period never came to Aotearoa.
A brief flurry of quakes in Bay of Plenty came off the back of the Tonga 5.7 and was the only action during the period.

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