Pacific Summary. 20 May 2016

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Volcanic activity may increase.
Latin America is higher risk. Turrialba, Santiaguito, Fuego.

Update. 19 May 2300NZST.
18 May. Ecuador 6.7. Eruptions at Santiaguito, Fuego, Etna. Other volcanoes Popocatepetl, Turrialba, Bristol Island, New Zealand, Kermadecs were hot or throwing ash.
19 May. Ecuador 6.8
Quakes were quiet apart from the two big aftershocks near Pedernales. Just one or two people killed this time. 500 were killed in the 17 April Pedernales 7.8 mainshock.
Volcanoes were very hot on 18 May as the big volcanic period stretched another day. Eruptions everywhere.
Solar driving conditions fell back 19 May but could increase 20 May...fluctuating and difficult to forecast.
Kermadec and Aotearoa volcanoes are cooling. Eruptions seem unlikely.

20 May. Eruption of Santiaguito, Etna.
21 May. Eruption of Santiagutio, Turrialba, Sinabung, Etna. Ayers Rock, Australia 5.9
Global quakes were subdued unless you were a dingo.
Volcanic activity was very high.
Stormy, fluctuating solar conditions during the period made for difficult volcano timing accuracy.
Aotearoa and Kermadec volcanoes were running hot and cold during the period but no eruptions.

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