Pacific Summary. 25 June 2016 - 27 June 2016

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Quake activity may increase.
Magnitude 6+ risk areas are Kermadec Islands, Vanuatu, Molucca Sea, Northern Sumatra, Mexico, Titicaca, Southern Chile.
Quakes may be infrequent and late in the day.
Volcanoes mostly quiet. Popocatepetl, Santiaguito, Fuego, Turrialba, Sinabung may give minor activity.

Update. 26 June, 1200NZST.
25 June. South of Titicaca 5.5
The forecast period is extended to 26 June.
Latin America volcanoes are throwing ash and could become more active.
Pacific quakes were below Mag 6, the largest was in Chile.
Quakes may be infrequent.

Update. 27 June 1030NZST.
26 June. Kyrgyzstan 6.4. Eruption Fuego, Bristol Island, Turrialba.
The forecast period is extended to 27 June.
Quake driving conditions were weaker than expected on 26 June and fluctuating heavily on 27 June.
Guatemalan volcano Fuego has let go with a spectacular eruption.

25 June. South of Titicaca 5.5
26 June. Kyrgyzstan 6.4
28 June. Mexico 5.7
29 June. Vanuatu 5.8
30 June. Vanuatu 5.8
Eruptions Popocatepetl, Fuego, Turrialba, Santiaguito, Bristol Island.
Quakes just got above Mag 6 during the period.
Good location success.
Vanuatu just keeps going off.
Volcanic action matched the forecast profile perfectly.

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