Pacific Summary. 8 September 2016

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Quake activity may increase.
Magnitude 6+ risk area is West Papua.
Volcanoes have been quiet last days but may become briefly active.
Possibility Mag 7 Pacific. Mag 7 confidence=low.

9 September. Macquarie Island 6.1
A late quake south of New Zealand may mark the end of a busy quake period lasting several days.
The late Mag 7 Pacific quake never came, the period seemed to go briefly volcanic.
Hawaiian volcano Mauna Loa had a quake swarm.
The lava lake at nearby Kilauea rose very fast and nearly overflowed but then went down again.
Geonet vulcanologists noted heating at Ruapehu.
This Service noted heating at many North Island volcanoes.
Daily forecasts 1-8 September marked an advance in forecast technique...more focussed than the 3-5 day forecasts.
Better mapping knowledge has shown results...the August/September Mag 7 quake sequence had some forecast successes.
A new quake period begins 14 September.

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