Aotearoa Forecast. 23 November 2016

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Quake activity may continue.
Magnitude 5+ risk areas are Culverden, Southwest of Kaikoura, Kaikoura, East of Kaikoura, Seaward Kaikouras, Offshore Clarence, Waita, Kekerengu, Cape Campbell, Northeast of Tory Channel, Porangahau, Upper Crooked River.
Magnitude 4+ risk areas are Upper Wairau Valley, Lower Orongorongo River, Taranaki, Taihape, Rotorua, Bay of Plenty, East Cape, Te Anau.
Locations are largely the same as previous forecast.
Quakes may ease back after yesterdays big quake uptick.
Magnitude 5+ is still possible.
A new quake uptick is possible from late 24 November.

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