Supermoon Summary. 10 November 2016 - 17 November 2016

Supermoon Summary. 14 November 2016.

Lunar Perigee 14 November 1124UTC 356511km.
Lunar Southern Declination -18' 19" 15 November 1238UTC.
Full Moon 14 November 1354UTC.
Culverden 7.8 13 November 1102UTC
Kaikoura Low Tide. 13 November 0914UTC.

Full Moon, Lunar Perigee, local low tide and a big earthquake in New Zealand all happened within a few hours on 14 November, 2016.
You don't need to be a brain scientist to figure out there could be a connection.
Fortunately, one seismologist conceded that a connection is plausible.

The well tested Lunar Quake Principle (from early 2013) was tested again for the umpteenth time on 14 November, 2016 and following days with the same result.
When weak solar quake driving influence is present, lunar quake modulation is weak.
When strong solar quake driving influence is present, lunar quake modulation can create large earthquakes.
Lunar influence is strongest near Low Tide.

10 November.
Strong solar conditions, weak lunar conditions.
The 10 November forecast was for quakes... but not much action. A sign of building pressure.
The 10 November quake forecast featured Taranaki and Lower Clarence.

11 November.
Strong solar conditions, strengthening lunar conditions.
The forecast for a quiet day on 11 November was borne Mag 4+ quakes.
An undersea Kermadec Islands eruption on 11 November was observed from data by this Service.
A small pumice raft near Minerva Reef was later observed by a pilot and reported by Geonet.

12-13 November.
Strong solar conditions, strong lunar conditions.
The 12-13 November forecast backed out of Lower Clarence, a forecasting mistake, focussing instead on Cape Campbell, Eastern Cook Strait and Taranaki.
Quakes were ominously quiet.
The forecast pointed to lunar modulation and extension of the period to 14 November.

14 November.
Strong solar conditions, very strong lunar conditions.
Culverden 7.8 12.02am Local Time.
Local quakes were quiet on 12-13 December, marking three days of building pressure.

15 November.
Weakening solar conditions, strong lunar conditions.
A decision to micro forecast quakes near to Kaikoura Low Tide was made....a new and exhausting experience for this Service.
Low tide was around 1.00am, lack of sleep was an issue for this Service and many other Kiwis.
No lunar modulation was observed. Quakes were evenly spread and not clustered around Kaikoura Low Tide.

16 November.
Solar conditions weak but fluctuating. Strong lunar conditions.
A burst of solar quake driving conditions near midday coincided with low tide and quakes.
Overall there were too many quakes going off to show obvious lunar influence.
This Service was struggling with lack of sleep and an overwhelming amount of data to process....along with many others.

17 November.
Solar conditions weak. Lunar conditions strong.
No lunar modulation observed.

18 November.
No late night observations were made but what a good sleep.

The supermoon featured all over the news along with predictions, dismissals, discussions.
Her mysterious influence over life on Earth is bound to be a discussion point at the supermoons of 2034.

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