Aotearoa Update. 14 January 2017

Quakes are quiet today and likely to remain quiet unless solar conditions change.

Quake Update. 14 January 1.30pm
Solar quake driving conditions are slowly picking up.
Pacific and Aotearoa quakes are possible.
Local quake locations and magnitudes remain unchanged from 13 January.
Molucca Sea, Northern Sumatra are added to 13 January Pacific locations.
A Mag 7 Western Pacific, Himalaya quake seems possible.
Updated maps will be posted soon.
Malware is trying to be installed on our site.
We have no idea if it is random or targeted.
Check on for updates or vice versa if Facebook goes down... or if we disappear altogether then you know what is happening.

Update. 9.00pm
Hackers are trying to get into our site.
Quake conditions are very moderate, a 6.0 aftershock in Fiji just now.
The 13 January Pacific forecasts are extended until we can secure the site.

Update. 16 January.
Our supercomputer has big problems and is off to the doctor today.
Hopefully he can fix it soon.
We are unable to make proper observations so can't offer a detailed forecast.
Japan is a hotspot for Mag 6. Most areas on 13 January map remain including New Zealand.
Conditions are very moderate so big action is less likely today at least.
Nevados de Chillan, Bogoslof, Sinabung are active.

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