Quake Update. 14 February 2017 - 16 February 2017

Solar quake driving conditions are weak today and unlikely to drive quakes.
A minor increase is due today but is probably too weak to have a major effect on quakes. We will monitor conditions and make a quick forecast if anything unexpected occurs.
Seismic conditions are still pressured to the north of New Zealand, an anomalous large quake is possible.
The next quake period is due late 16/early 17 February.

Update. 14 February 9.00pm
Solar quake driving conditions are flat.
No Pacific big quakes today.
Volcanoes are quiet.
Piton de la Fournaise is the only active volcano.
A new quake period begins late 16 February.
New Zealand, Kermadec Islands could be risk locations.

Update. 15 February 9.00pm
Pacific and local quakes were quiet today as solar conditions flattened out.
Quakes are expected to increase again early 17 February.

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