Quake Update. 24 February 2017

The expected late 22-early 23 February solar conditions arrived late 23 February.
The Arthurs Pass 4.9, 4.0 double followed shortly after.
No location success.
More quakes are possible next two days. Arthurs Pass is an obvious location. The push is into the South Island. Other locations further south are possible.
Sorry but we are away from our Observatory for several days so postings will be intermittent.
No time tonight for a forecast, not enough observation time and too tired....blame it on the day job.
Volcanic Plateau still active.
No news for White Island...we'll keep waiting.
Pacific quakes below Mag 6...subdued as expected.
Etna...mild activity. Sinabung erupts.
North Sumatra possible quake or eruption.
A new quake spell is about five days away.

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