Aotearoa Summary. 29 March 2017

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Magnitude 5 risk areas are Southwest of Wanganui, Cape Campbell, Northeast of Cape Campbell, Ward, Cheviot, Culverden, Seaward Kaikouras.
Magnitude 4 risk areas are Fiordland, Mt Aspiring, Broken River, Kaikoura, Lower Clarence, Northern Cook Strait, South of Taranaki, Eketahuna, Dannevirke, Porangahau, Waipukurau, Northern Hawkes Bay, Wairoa, East Cape, Opotiki, Rotorua, Atiamuri, Taumarunui.
Lunar modulation could center quakes around low tide.
Low tide Wanganui is 6am, 6pm.
Volcanoes quiet.
The period has begun with a Turangi quake swarm.
The period is likely to be extended and could run for several days.

Turangi 3.8 4.48pm
Southwest of Kaikoura 3.9 10.54pm
Quakes are starting to tick over fast as the quake period slowly builds.
The Turangi quake swarm continued today.
Forecasted Magnitudes are being held on 30 March but could go up later in the period.

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