Forecast for 22 February 2014 - 25 February 2014

Forecast Update. 19-22 February. Seismic conditions today are very elevated and likely to continue this way or increase through to 25 February. This service is struggling to keep ahead of the rapidly changing conditions and so can only give day by day forecasts at the moment. Presently quakes are ticking along at an elevated level but may soon jump again. This service is holding to Southern Wairarapa for major activity, although north of Eketahuna is active today. All other locations and magnitudes remain as before. Summary. 18 Feb. Kermadecs 5.3 & 4.7, north of East Cape 4.6. 20 Feb. Kermadecs 5.2, Fiordland 4.2. 21 Feb. Taumarunui 4.0 22 Feb. Kermadecs 5.0

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