Aotearoa Summary. 24 April 2017 - 25 April 2017

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Magnitude 6 risk areas are Culverden, Cheviot, Kaikoura, Seaward Kaikouras, Ward, Cape Campbell, Seddon, North of Cape Campbell.
Magnitude 5 risk areas are Fiordland, Northern Cook Strait, Central Taranaki Bight, North Wairarapa.
Magnitude 4 risk areas are Mt Cook, Upper Taramakau, Lower Clarence, Cape Palliser, Eketahuna, South of Wanganui, Taumarunui, Taupo, Atiamuri, Urewera, Opotiki, East Cape.
Quakes may arrive late 24 April.
The period is likely to be extended.
Volcanoes quiet.

24 April.
Richmond, Nelson 3.9 7.49am
Motiti Island 3.9 7.46pm
Local quakes were just on the Mag 4 threshold and much less than expected for the solar driving conditions.
Pacific and local quakes seem to be quieter at the expense of volcanoes last three months.
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