Forecast for 28 February 2014 - 2 March 2014

Quake activity may increase. Magnitude 6+ risk areas and times are North of East Cape 8am, 8pm; Southern Wairarapa 11am,11pm. Magnitude 5+ risk areas are Fiordland 6am, 6pm. Magnitude 4+ risk areas are Ward 12am, 12pm; Christchurch 10am, 10pm; Taupo. Activity may move from south to north during the period. Summary. 28 Feb. Kermadecs 5.1 1 March Kermadecs 4.5 2 March Alaska 6.1, Nicaragua 6.2 March 3 Japan 6.5 The X5 solar flare on 24 Feb. UTC and following proton storm has brought in some big weather to Aotearoa in the following days. Unfortunately it also blew away the latest quake forecast. Global activity did pick up on 2-3 March but locally only a moderate rise.

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