Aotearoa Summary. 4 June 2017 - 5 June 2017

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Magnitude 5 risk areas are Culverden, Cheviot, Kaikoura, Seaward Kaikouras, South of Taranaki.
Magnitude 4 risk areas are Snares Islands, Southern Fiordland Lakes, Te Anau, Breaksea Sound, Doubtful Sound, Cascade River, Harper Pass, Ward, Seddon, Cape Campbell, Northern Cook Strait, Eketahuna, Dannevirke, Waipukurau, Taumarunui, Taupo, Tokoroa, Rotorua, Urewera, Whakatane, White Island, Opotiki, East Cape.
Volcanoes quiet.

Update. 5 June 12.30am
The forecast period is extended to 5 June.
Local quakes were quiet on 4 June.
Solar conditions weakened quickly after an initial burst early 4 June.
Good timing success but no quakes.
Quakes, if any, are likely to be very isolated on 5 June.
The period is unlikely to be extended.

6 June.
Southwest of Waverley 3.7 2.44pm
Southwest of Kaikoura 4.1 6.42pm
Pacific and local quakes were largely subdued during the period.
Solar driving conditions faded quickly after an initial burst.
The biggest action came after the period had closed but was at least in or near higher risk locations.
Quiet conditions seem likely for a few days.

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