Quake Update. 14 June 2017

"Big quakes, spaced apart" was the 2013 outlook for future quakes.
Pacific quakes are showing this trend more and more as the current solar cycle advances.
Tonights Guatemala 6.9 is too deep at 100km to cause serious damage at the surface.
The 13 June Lesbos 6.3 has caused some serious damage on the other hand, described as the worst ever by locals.
Solar quake driving conditions were elevated today and meeting the outlook for quakes under Mag 6 ...Vanuatu 5.8 was getting close though.
California and Caribbean Sea were points of interest for quake action at this Service last few days and may be risk locations when a new forecast period begins late 17 June.
More Pacific quake action seems possible on 15 May but likely to be isolated.
Local quakes have dropped away since the 10 June Rolleston 4.1.
Volcano Update.
Short eruption at Bogoslof along with a growing stack of hot pluming Pacific volcanoes.
Solar volcano conditions are moderate today but the lid is only just staying on the pot.
A new forecast period timed for late 17 June could see a few boilovers.
More volcano data at Facebook/Roary Arbon.

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