Forecast for 6 April 2014 - 7 April 2014

Summary. 3 April. Chile 7.6, Panama 6.0, Fiordland 4.7 4 April. Solomon Islands 6.0 Global quake activity has been impressive.Luckily the Solomon Islands quakes on 27 March and 4 April only loosened a few coconuts. Local observers report the devastating rain starting on the main island of Guadalcanal on 2 April. The Panama quake is significant for this service as it was in an area being watched along with Chile. Watch out for increased activity from now on as strong quake driving conditions have turned up in the last couple of hours. North and South Wairarapa are Magnitude 5+ risk areas. Eastern Taranaki Bight and Hawkes Bay are Magnitude 4+ risk areas.

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