Pacific Summary. 2 February 2018 - 14 February 2018

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2 February.
East of Fiji 6.0
Eruption Mayon.
5 February.
Taiwan 6.1
7 February.
Taiwan 6.4
12 February.
Marianas Islands 6.0
No forecast was offered during the period.
A casual outlook made in the 31 January Aotearoa Update for quakes in Tonga or New Zealand worked but data wasn't kept due to travel in Bali.
Volcanoes were subdued apart from Mayon which is erupting almost daily.
Isolated Pacific quakes just reached Mag 6 during the period but generally the period was subdued.
Sadly the big Taiwan 6.4, following soon after a Mag 6.1 foreshock has taken at least 17 lives and left buildings badly damaged.
Global weather has also been less extreme during the period.
New incoming solar conditions on 15-16 February could see significant weather and quake conditions emerge.
A new Pacific and Aotearoa forecast will be posted late 14 February.

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