Forecast for 13 April 2014 - 20 April 2014

Forecast Summary. 13-20 April, 2014.
13-19 April. See forecast Updates. 20 April. NW Solomon Islands, Bougainville 7.5,6.1, Hokitika Trench 4.6. 21 April. East of East Cape 4.0, 23 April. Kermadecs 4.2,4.0. 24 April. Kermadecs 4.7, Vancouver Island 6.6. 26 April. Kermadecs 4.3, Tonga 6.2. Local quake activity during the forecast period came and went early. Global activity was very high on 18-20 April as expected. The Solomon Islands at Bougainville got some big action. Locals reported three huge waves but apparently limited damage. Cyclone Ita remained active, pushing against the Southern Alps, creating a windstorm which funnelled down valleys toward the sea, felling forests and destroying buildings. The long lived storm evolved on 2 April (Chile 8.2) over the Solomon Islands and finally fizzed out south of Aotearoa on April 20, beginning and ending during forecast periods. From the 24 October, 2013 posting, quake forecasting conditions have become very difficult. A few weeks have since become a few months. Conditions seem to be easing at last and the next few months may see quakes move away from the equatorial regions, following a more predictable pattern in Aotearoa. Thanks

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