Forecast for 9 May 2014 - 10 May 2014

New Forecast. 9-10 May, 2014.
Quake activity may increase. Global equatorial activity may move into NZ later in the period. Magnitude 4+ risk areas are Fiordland, Christchurch, East Cape. Global locations are Aconcagua, Mexico, Vanuatu. Global location confidence= low. Forecast Summary. 9 May. Mexico 6.4 (USGS), Fiji/Tonga 5.9 (many). 10 May. Mexico 6.0, Christchurch 4.0. 11 May. Rotorua 4.1. 12 May. Rotorua 4.5, Eastern Taranaki Bight 4.3, Vanuatu 5.3 Quake movement during the forecast period hung up in the Fiji/Tonga region and seems to be moving into Vanuatu today, later than expected. Driving conditions have been ticking along steadily at low levels and are increasing today as a new and more significant quake period builds. USGS reports that the volcano Chiles on the Colombian border may blow its lid soon. Kilauea is unsurprisingly active with many lava flows.

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