Pacific Summary. 27 July 2018 - 5 August 2018

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No forecast was offered for the period.
27 July.
Eruption Ebeko, Sakurajima, Manaro, Kilauea, Karymsky.
29 July.
Rinjani 6.4
Northeast of Sumbawa 6.0
2 August.
Eruption Pacaya, Sierra Negra, Etna.
Pacific volcanoes just keep getting busier.
Ongoing eruptions at several locations are backed by new eruptions.
Etna has erupted after over a year of quiet, the volcano was on the 20 July forecast and activity increasing steadily since then.
Strombolian activity at recent forecast pick Pacaya is steady.
Offering an Aotearoa forecast but no Pacific forecast for the 27-28 July period was a mistake.
East Java was a hotspot from the previous forecast period and a slight fit to the 29 July Rinjani 6.4
Volcanoes look set to dominate a new forecast period beginning 6 August.

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