Aotearoa Summary Updated. 13 October 2018 - 23 October 2018

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No forecast was offered for the period.
This Summary is redrawn, the original summary was incomplete.

18 October.
Northeast of White Island 5.0 5.04am
19 October.
Northeast of East Cape 4.1 9.24pm
21 October.
West of Lake Hauroko 4.0 6.47am
23 October.
Northeast of East Cape 4.5 11.33am
Solar conditions faded away on 13 October and so did local quakes.
Steady and occasionally heavy rumbling north of New Zealand is a feature of this summary, giving context to the increased magnitude risk during forecast periods.
What happens following the 19 August Fiji 8.2 is the new forecast challenge as new quake migration patterns emerge.
Unforecasted solar conditions on 22 October have driven the Vancouver Island series but nothing local.
A new forecast for 25 October is being processed.

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