Forecast for 13 June 2014 - 16 June 2014

Quake actiivty may increase. Lunar modulation may centre this activity around low tide. Magnitude 5+ risk areas and times are East Cape 3am, 3pm; Northern Wairarapa 1am, 1pm. Magnitude 4+ risk areas are Taranaki Bight 5am, 5pm; Rotorua 2am, 2pm; Christchurch 12am, 12pm. Volcanic activity on White Island may increase from 16 June. This period may blend into another active spell beginning approx 18 June. Summary. 9 June Kermadecs 4.7, North of White Island 4.1 10 June. North of East Cape 4.2, South of Kermadecs 4.2.11 June North of White Island 4.0, North of East Cape 4.0. 15 June. Kermadecs 4.7, Rotorua 4.0? North of East Cape 4.2, 16 June Whakatane 4.6, 4.3 17 June North of East Cape 4.1. Elevated steady conditons lifted on 15-16 June. Good location results in Rotorua/Bay of Plenty but no tidal correlation. Bay of Plenty is hot.

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