Aotearoa Summary. 19 November 2018 - 24 November 2018

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Magnitude 5 risk locations are Rotorua, Opotiki, East Cape, Northern Hawkes Bay, Waipukurau, Dannevirke, Porangahau, Eketahuna, Pyke River.
Mag 5 confidence=low.
Magnitude 4 risk locations are Te Anau, Hanmer, Conway River, Kaikoura, Cape Campbell, Cook Strait, North of D'Urville Island, South of Taranaki, West of Masterton, Taumarunui, Taupo, Tokoroa.
Volcanos quiet.

Update. 20 November 3.00pm
19 November.
South of Kermadec Islands 4.2 7.29am
Local quakes have stayed quiet, following yesterdays Fiji 6.7 and the Pacific going very volcanic.
Solar conditions were sluggish but have gained some power today.
Local quakes, if any, are likely to be isolated on 20 November but high magnitude is possible.

Update. 20 November 10.30pm
Local quakes were quiet on 20 November.
Solar quake driving conditions fluctuated today, enough to create a possible slow buildup.
Conditions are likely to start tailing off on 21 November.
The forecast period is extended to 21 November.
Local quakes, if any, are likely to to be isolated but high magnitude is possible.

19 November.
South of Kermadec Islands 4.2 7.29am
20 November.
Gisborne 3.6 10.35pm
21 November.
200km East of Napier 4.2 12.02pm
Quakes never came to the New Zealand mainland during the period.
Pacific quakes were mostly quiet as the period went heavily volcanic.
The forecast was dropped on 22 November.
Quakes on 22-24 November were well below Mag 4 as the moderate solar conditions marking the beginning of the period faded steadily away over the next few days.

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