Aotearoa Summary. 17 December 2018 - 22 December 2018

No forecast was offered for the period.

17 December.
North of East Cape 4.3 8.27am
North of East Cape 4.7 8.57am
20 December.
North of East Cape 4.3 4.33am
North of East Cape 4.0 9.06am
21 December.
West of Doubtful Sound 4.6 3.23am
North of East Cape 4.7 3.46am
North of East Cape 4.4 10.20pm
22 December.
North of East Cape 4.6 1.50am

Heavy rumbling north of New Zealand continues but at a slightly reduced intensity than the previous days.
The 19 August Fiji 8.2 and biggest world quake for 3 years has changed the quakescape.
Action further south at Fiordland, following Snares Islands action.
Solar conditions are weakening and mild on 22 December.
More local quakes seem likely on a decreasing trend.
Cook Strait, Kaikoura, Southern Wairarapa locations may still be active ahead of a quake pickup on 24 December.

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