Supermoon Storm. 24 March 2019

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Aussie meteorologists are scrambling to remember the last time two Cat 4 storms hit the Lucky Country at the same time.
Trevor has hit Northern Territory and will cause major floods down towards Alice Springs Surf Clubrooms and beyond.
Veronica is also crossing the Northwest Aussie coast with major flooding expected.
Can two storms at once be evidence for Climate Change?
Climate Change experts say storms will increase in size and frequency as the planet heats up... so two in a day is a lot?
Little Ice Age scientists on the other hand say storms will become less frequent but more intense and outside of normal storm paths in the same way as in previous Little Ice Ages.
The truth in the last two years is that Pacific, Atlantic and Indian Ocean hurricanes have decreased in frequency, coming in powerful clusters with long quiet spells between.
Astute weather observers will remember the cluster of Cat 4 and 5 storms which devastated many Caribbean islands in September, 2017 as a good example of storm clustering but the 2018 Caribbean storm season was very mild with few big storms.
Coincidentally, the 19 September, 2017 Mexico 8.1 quake occurred along with the devastating storms, showing the link between weather and quakes.
Solar activity during the 2017 period was intense. A vigorous sunspot crossed the solar disc and the quake forecast at the time picked up the big Mexico quake, mentioning then the link between the sun, quakes and weather.
The weather is a fickle beast however so storms may increase again and Climate Change theory may catch up with the Little Ice Age theory next year.

Regardless, the 20-21 March, 2019 Supermoon quake forecast never had a weather element to it and the forecasters are now sitting in the corner with their dummy hats on.
Solar conditions during the period were very mild, quakes and eruptions very moderate.
"The moon has a strong effect on weather even when solar conditions are weak," is being recited over and over by the dummys.

The Aussies always need rain in the desert but maybe not as much as Trevor, Veronica and the Supermoon deliver...

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