White Island Hot. 17 April 2019

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Local vulcanologists have announced increased seismic activity around White Island since January.
They have also noticed that the crater lake which was filling up late last year is now getting hotter and evaporating away.

Observers at this Service have also noticed a huge increase in Bay of Plenty and South of Kermadecs quakes.
We don't even record Mag 4 quakes north of Bay of Plenty anymore, there are so many.
Volcanic heating along the Kermadec Volcanic Chain has been underway since the 19 August, 2018 Fiji 8.2 quake.
No surprise that White Island has been getting hotter.

Ruapehu is also very hot just now.
The vulcanologists have made no more announcements on the crater lake temperature at Ruapehu since they announced high temperatures six days ago.
Data indicates that weak solar activity next few days along with a decrease in tremor at Ruapehu yesterday is unlikely to trigger an eruption just now.
New solar conditions due in a few days could change all that.

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