Ruapehu Crater Lake Report. 10 April 2019 - 29 April 2019

Vulcanologists have finally released a report on the fast heating of Ruapehu Crater Lake, following 19 days of silence.
They reported the lake was 42C and rising 0.5C every day to an eruption temperature of 45-46C on 10 April.
Tremor declined at Ruapehu from 16 April and the lake stabilised at 44C on 19 April and is now cooling.
Steam plumes and degassing were observed by the vulcanologists above the lake.

The 15 April eruption forecast was slightly in line with this major heating event at Ruapehu.
Declining volcanic tremor and space weather early in the forecast period has coincided with the observed changes at the volcano.
Data courtesy Geonet.

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