Eketahuna 4.3 19 August 2019

Yesterdays 7.28pm Northeast of Eketahuna 4.3 is a rare Wairarapa quake during Solar Minimum.
The quake was felt across the lower North Island.
Long term observers remember how multiple Wairarapa quakes happened in almost every forecast period way back in 2013-2015.
The period 2013-2015 was Solar Maximum.
The sun was firing off large flares at 2013 Solar Maximum and quakes were plentiful in response, giving easy accurate forecast timing.
2019 is Solar Minimum in the 11 year solar cycle.
During 2019 Solar Minimum there are no flares, few sunspots and much more difficult to forecast coronal hole solar windstreams.
Forecast timing parameters have been stretched out as quake response takes days instead of the quick responses during Solar Maximum in 2013.
Luckily the forecasts now feature much better location parameters than 2013.
The sun during Solar Minimum 2019-2020 is at its lowest measured activity in at least a century.
Are Wairarapa quakes at their lowest level in a century too?

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