NZ 117 Heat Records in 2018. 18 September 2019

National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research, NIWA were caught adjusting weather data way back in 2009.
Nothing has changed.
Forget about ground station temperature records in 2019.
Stratospheric temperature measurements made by satellite are harder to adjust and show a cooling curve.
NIWA are still at it in 2019, making mention of 117 daily heat records and only 2 cold records last year in NZ.
Its gotta be climate change, right?
We're all cooking in our own exhaust gas.
By 2030 or thereabouts, United Nations experts reckon we'll all be roast turkey so enjoy your last few scoops down at the river before its all over.
Some UN experts give us until 2050, they don't all agree.
Our only hope is that the dozens of varying UN projections for the years up to 2019 were wrong so we might survive doomsday if they're wrong in the next years too.
Regardless, NIWA just happened not to mention that in 2018 Otago had its wettest, coldest spring since records began in 1890.
2018 Otago spring must have been the 2 cold records?
Since records began.
Spring is not just a one day record...its a whole season of three months.
Spring 2019 is breaking a few records too as wild weather fluctuations intensify with the lowest solar activity in a century and the advance of a new period of mostly cold, wet weather known previously during low solar activity periods as a Little Ice Age.

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