Forecast for 8 September 2014 - 12 September 2014

Activity may increase. Lunar modulation may centre this activity around low tide. Magnitude 5+ risk areas are Fiordland, East Cape. Magnitude 4+ risk areas are Northern Wairarapa, Southern Wairarapa, Bay of Plenty, Christchurch. Quakes may begin in Fiordland, East Cape and become more widespread later in the period. Local volcanoes quiet but active globally. Bardarbunga, Indonesian volcanoes are higher risk. Summary. 7 Sept. Iceland 5.5 8 Sept. Fiordland 3.9, Iceland 4.5, 4.3. 9 Sept. Harihari 4.0, Iceland 4.7, 5.2. 10 Sept. Iceland 4.9, 5.1. 11 Sept. Stratford 4.1, East Cape 4.1. 12 Sept. Chch 3.8, Amberley 4.3. Activity began in Fiordland on 8 Sept. strengthening and spreading later to other areas. Mag 3+ swarm across NZ on 9 Sept. Chch and North Canterbury got a couple of decent rattles on 12 Sept. Tidal correlation was fairly strong through the period. Overall the period was slightly weaker than expectations. Slamet (Indonesia) and Bardarbunga were both in eruption during the period.

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