Aotearoa Summary. 1 August 2020 - 2 August 2020

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Quake Summary. 20 July 2020 - 2 August 2020.
The biggest quake of 2020 came to Alaskan Peninsula during the period, New Zealand quakes were busy but below Mag 4.
Spaceweather arrived on cue but then fluctuated before fading away earlier than expected.
Quakes became busy but under Mag 4 with familiar North Wairarapa location Porangahau giving slow slip quake signature of high frequency, low magnitude quakes.
No slow slip announcements from the seismologists, one may come later.
The 23 July outlook for Mag 3 at New Brighton fell just short, a Mag 2.6 came on 26 July, good location success and a change from the recent Lyttelton/Rolleston Mag 3 sequence.
Mag 4 is now uncommon at Christchurch and even Mag 3 is becoming uncommon so the forecasters are having some fun off small magnitude quakes.
A new quake period begins 3 August.
21 July.
North of Cape Campbell 3.9 10.40pm
26 July.
New Brighton 2.6 1.15am
31 July.
25km North of Whakatane 4.2 6.41am

Update. 25 July 1.00pm
Local quakes were busy on 24 July but under Mag 4.
A North Island slow slip event may be underway.
Steady spaceweather set in late on 24 July, one day later than forecasted, and continues 25 July.
The forecast period is extended to 26 July and is likely to be extended due to the arrival of more spaceweather late 26 July.
A buildup is underway.
The forecast map offers a very low number of risk locations in the North Island.
North Island location confidence=low.

Update. 23 July 10.30pm
Local quakes were quiet on 23 July.
Spaceweather faded away in the morning, following the fluctuating pattern during the period.
Conditions are due to pick up again tonight as fluctuating conditions continue for another couple of days.
The forecast period is extended to 24 July.
Possibility Mag 3 New Brighton.

Update. 22 July, 10.30am
21 July.
North of Cape Campbell 3.9 10.40pm
Spaceweather is fluctuating and there are a few forecast mistakes around this.
Conditions are likely to continue fluctuating for the next couple of days and continue driving quakes and eruptions.
The forecast period is extended to 23 July.
Risk locations and magnitudes are unchanged.

Forecast. 20 July, 2020.
Magnitude 4 risk locations are Bligh Sound, George Sound, Northwest Arm Te Anau, Pyke River, Cascade River, Lower Arawhata River, Snares Islands, Cape Campbell, Motueka, Northwest of Levin, Eketahuna, Dannevirke, Waipukurau, Hastings, Taupo, Tolaga Bay, East Cape, Te Kaha.
A slow slip event may be underway in the North Island.
Volcanos quiet.
The forecast period is likely to be extended.

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