Forecast for 2 November 2014 - 3 November 2014

2-3 November, 2014. Quake activity may increase. Magnitude 4+ risk areas are East Cape, Taupo, Taranaki Bight, Northern Wairarapa, Fiordland. Lunar modulation may center this activity around low tide. See facebook page for Fiji and other updates. Thanks. Summary. 2-3 Nov, 5-6 Nov, 8-9 Nov.
2 Nov. South of Easter Island 6.0, Fiji 7.1, North of White Island 4.8, Taranaki Bight 4.8, Auckland 3.1, Solomon Islands 5.4. 3 Nov. Kermadecs 4.8, East Cape 3.7, Bardarbunga 5.2. 4 Nov. Ward 3.7. 5 Nov. Kermadecs 5.2, East of Coromandel 4.3, Cambridge 3.6, Auckland 3.5. 7 Nov. Cambridge 3.9, 3.4; New Britain 6.9, Bardarbunga 5.2, Fiordland 4.2. 8 Nov. Fiordland 4.0, South of Easter Island 4.6. This forecast has been a resounding success. The big Fiji quake early on 2 Nov. generated a quake storm into NZ with great western location success and some lunar modulation. The Easter Island 6.0 came just before the forecast was posted. Resdiual, mostly western activity continued in NZ until 5 Nov. Success again on 7 Nov. with the big 6.9 quake just west of the Solomon Islands, coming a day late. Sumatra has also become active but nothing big so far. Chile around the latitude of Antofagasta is also active, nothing big but the next quake qeriod is Southern hemisphere and looks strong. The 8-9 forecast period has arrived on cue, the first quake just before midnight.

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